Make The Best Out Of Your Party Booth Rental!

In the Same Room! Make sure to have the Party Booth in the same room as your event. This is very important on getting you and your guests the most bang for your buck. In our experience, people do not use the booth nearly as often as they will if it is conveniently located for them.

Bring Props! A Party Booth loaded up with silly props will guarantee your guests have a great time. They will also help make for some of the silliest photos of the night. You and your guests will have plenty of opportunities to try on all the different stuff to capture truly ridiculous poses. Party Booths does not supply props for insurance reasons. Simply ask a friend to bring them and you will not be disappointed with this idea.

– Allow plenty of room around the Party Booth! This photo booth will likely be the hit of your event so make sure you allow room for your guests to gather around the booth. We have been in some tight spots before and people may get discouraged if there is only enough room for 4-6 people around the booth.

– Add a scrap book option to your wedding! Our Scrap Book / Double Prints option will add tremendously to your wedding. We provide everything your guests need from the gel pens to the glue sticks to insure that your guests have a blast writing clever depictions next to their favorite photos. This will make for one of  the best gifts from your guests that you will treasure for many years to come.

– Have your DJ make an announcement! Believe it or not, sometimes people do not realize the photo booth is there. Or they assume it costs money or something. Have your DJ encourage your guests to use the booth at the very least, one time. After all, it’s for the bride and groom. Once they use it the first time, they will be sure to be back for more!

-Take advantage of “Idle Time”! Use idle time while the dinner is being served. This will open up more time later on in the evening when the photos get that much more “Priceless”.

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