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Entering The Photo Booth
As you enter the photo booth, your chosen background will be on one side and the camera, studio light and LCD screen all enclosed in our patented case design will be on the other side. The booth can be configured so that the camera can be on either your left or right side as you enter, depending upon the specifics of your setting.
Upon entering the booth, the curtain is closed for privacy. As you position yourself, a series of instructions will be displayed on the LCD screen along with a large and clearly labeled illuminated start button. The instructions displayed on the screen prior to the start of the session offer tips for positioning your group in the center of the frame, reminders to smile in to the lens versus staring at the LCD screen, as well as instructions to press the illuminated start button when you are ready to begin.
Peak Inside a Photo Booth
Let The Fun Begin
Pressing the illuminated start button will activate the photo booth session. It will give you some last-second reminders and begin a fast count down from 4 and then quickly display a smiley face along with arrows pointing towards the lens while the flash fires. After the first shot is taken, a quick message will suddenly appear on the screen telling you how you did. Then the second countdown from 4 takes place and so on. After each of the 4 different photos, a quick message will pop up telling you how you did while offering you a bit of encouragement. These messages change after each shot in fact, our proprietary software is loaded with funny one-liners that will keep every session a new, fun filled experience. After the final shot is taken and it quickly displays the final message of approval, it will then thank you for using the photo booth and ask you to exit the booth to retrieve your print(s).
Photo Booth Sample Prints
Time For The Results
Once you exit the photo booth, the next guests' can immediately enter and position themselves for the next session. Your print will start printing automatically with in 10 seconds of you exiting the booth. You can then hover around the printer in suspense as the printer prints out the results.
The entire print process only takes about 20 seconds during which time the next group can be getting their pictures taken. When the photos are done printing, the photo is instantly dry and ready to share. Your chosen password will also be displayed on the photo in a very inconspicuous location.
Now simply share your photos with others and think of new ideas to make an even better photo on your next try. You and your guests are encouraged to go through as many times as they like. Games of one-upmanship are sure to ensue.
Guests Enjoying Their Photo Booth Photos


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