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How To Use The Search Box

You can browse for your event using the box to the left or simply search for your event by keyword using our search box below. You can enter the event date in this format MM-DD-YY in the box below or try a keyword such as the name of the bride, groom, company name, day or month of the event, etc.

Once you find your event, simply click on it. This will prompt you for your “event key”. Your “event key” can be located on the back of your picture that you received during the event. If you do not have this password, you can simply click on “Request Event Key” and generate an automatic email to the event owner.

Once you gain access to the event, feel free to change the settings. You can change to “thumbnail photo view” to show only the thumbnails or “full size photo view” (default) to view your pictures. You can set how many images you would like displayed per page by clicking on “24”, “48”, or “96” and can even start a slide show. You and your guests will have the option to order reprints, DVD slide shows, or even a customized coffee table book. You can also invite your friends to view your favorite photos. Have Fun!

To find your event, search by event date, event name or name of the bride or groom.